Write an essay on haste makes waste origin

It begins at the beginning, and goes to present day, containing excerpts from nearly all of the major authors throughout American history. I am approaching this project like I used to approach reading the actual Bible When I finish an author, I write a little report on what I've learned.

Write an essay on haste makes waste origin

Epodes of Horace are to stand excluded.

write an essay on haste makes waste origin

I say this, because Horace has written many of them Satirically, against his private Enemies: Yet these, if justly consider'd, are somewhat of the Nature of the Greek Silli, which were Invectives against particular Sects and Persons.

But Horace had purg'd himself of this Cholerbefore he enter'd on those Discourses, which are more properly call'd the Roman Satire: In a word, that former sort of Satire, which is known in England by the Name of Lampoonis a dangerous sort of Weapon, and for the most part Unlawful. We have no Moral right on the Reputation of other Men.

There are only two Reasons, for which we may be permitted to write Lampoons; and I will not promise that they can always justifie us: The first is Revenge, when we have been affronted in the same Nature, or have been any ways notoriously abus'd and can make our selves no other Reparation. And yet we know, that, in Christian Charity, all Offences are to be forgiven; as we expect the like Pardon for those which we daily commit against Almighty God.

And this Consideration has often made me tremble when I was saying our Saviour's Prayer; for the plain Condition of the forgiveness which we beg, is the pardoning of others the Offences which they have done to us: For which Reason I have many times avoided the Commission of that Fault; ev'n when I have been notoriously provok'd.

Let not this, my Lord, pass for Vanity in me: More Libels have been written against me, than almost any Man now living: And I had Reason on my side, to have defended my own Innocence: I speak not of my Poetry, which I have wholly given up to the Criticks; let them use it, as they please; Posterity, perhaps, may be more favourable to me: For Interest and Passion, will lye bury'd in another Age: And Partiality and Prejudice be forgotten.

write an essay on haste makes waste origin

I speak of my Morals, which have been sufficiently aspers'd: That only sort of Reputation ought to be dear to every honest Man, and is to me.

But let the World witness for me, that I have been often wanting to my self in that particular; I have seldom answer'd any scurrilous Lampoon: When it was in my power to have expos'd my Enemies: And being naturally vindicative, have suffer'd in silence; and possess'd my Soul in quiet.

All those, whom Horace in his Satires, and Persius and Juvenal have mention'd in theirs, with a Brand of infamy, are wholly such. They may and ought to be upbraided with their Crimes and Follies: Both for their own amendment, if they are not yet incorrigible; and for the Terrour of others, to hinder them from falling into those Enormities, which they see are so severely punish'd, in the Persons of others: The first Reason was only an Excuse for Revenge: But this second is absolutely of a Poet's Office to perform: But how few Lampooners are there now living, who are capable of this Duty!

When they come in my way, 'tis impossible sometimes to avoid reading them. But, good God, how remote they are in common Justice, from the choice of such Persons as are the proper Subject of Satire! And how little Wit they bring, for the support of their injustice! The weaker Sex is their most ordinary Theme: And the best and fairest are sure to be the most severely handled.

Amongst Men, those who are prosperously unjust, are Intitled to a Panegyrick. But afflicted Virtue is insolently stabb'd with all manner of Reproaches. No Decency is consider'd, no fulsomness omitted; no Venom is wantingas far as dullness can supply it.

The neglect of the Readers, will soon put an end to this sort of scribling. There can be no pleasantry where there is no Wit:Full text of "How to write an essay, with sample essays and subjects for essays" See other formats.

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Talk:Spanish proverbs. From Wikiquote. Haste makes waste. El diablo sabe por diablo. Pero más sabe por viejo Origin: Rabbit is a common meal in Spain, and skinned rabbits are hung in the meat stall of markets. A skinned rabbit looks very much like a skinned cat. Full text of "An essay on the origin and purity of the primitive Church of the British Isles, and its See other formats.

'Tis ignorance that makes a barren waste Of all beyond itself. Thou dost bedew Green rushes like our rivers, and dost taste The pleasant sunrise. Green isles hast thou too, And to the sea as happily dost haste. Do you like To the Nile?

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