The pros and cons of shopping

It is a way to shop for multiple items or compare the rates of service providers from the comfort of home or on a personal mobile device.

The pros and cons of shopping

Online shopping versus traditional shopping: pros and cons

Just three years later, Stratford followed, emerging as one of the major shopping units in Europe. With shopping centres throughout the UK, Brits really are a nation of shoppers. The benefits to the economy and local area are substantial.

Shopping centres are no longer being built as shopping centres, but as urban quarters, with everything you need in one place. Listed are the top 10 shopping centres by area metres 2 and their corresponding annual visitors: But with all these new shopping centres and their impending regeneration, just what advantages and disadvantages are there to the local area.

Job creation The retail sector is the largest private employer in the UK, with 3 million employees. Westfield opened 5, construction jobs, and 10, positions in retail. Attracts new business The footfall of visitors causes a snowball effect in terms of business, attracting new businesses to the area.

Entertainment, such as leisure centres and cinema complexes and hospitality services such as cafes and restaurants commonly follow. They contain food courts, restaurants, entertainment and activities, even ski-slopes and ice rinks; you have to keep people entertained.

The atmosphere makes all the difference. Additionally, shopping hours have changed and consumers act differently. Higher numbers of those employed means the government spends less on unemployment benefits. The more people employed also results in a reduction in crime, so less money is spent by the government on crime reduction strategies.

Job creation

Area regeneration Westfield saw a This is positive for locals who will get more for their property but the sudden drive in prices makes the area unaffordable for many potential buyers. Impact on small business However, the opening of super malls is not positive for all business.

We spoke to a local Stratford residents. Kamal, 46, Stratford citizen: Since the shopping centre has come, footfall for small independent outlets has decreased significantly. With large brands able to offers lower prices and in-store promotions.

It's affecting hard-working local people and I fear over time, the High Street will become a ghost town, with independent outlets disappearing altogether. Energy is also wasted through heating loss where doors are left open, non-LED lighting on unnecessarily bright levels during the day and staying on through the night.

Shopping centres must implement wide-scale waste saving strategies to reduce the amount of waste they create. The majority have placed recycling bins in food courts of their centres. Westfield started the Green Academy Initiative, built around behavioural changes. Pollution Major shopping centres bring in 29, extra cars every day.

This causes more traffic and an increase in emissions from vehicles in the local area. The construction of such large centres causes a visual intrusion and the resulting noise pollution is also unpleasant to local residents. Areas must weigh up the potential benefit with the negatives when granting planning permission.

All in all, the retail sector has no indication of slowing down any time soon, so shopping centres continue to ride the wave, and reap the benefits.Pros and Cons of Amazon Prime.

Shopping links are provided by eBay Commerce Network and Amazon, which makes it easy to find the right product from a variety of online retailers. Clicking any. The Pros and Cons of Online Shopping Bridget Fashion featured, online shopping 5 Comments In a time when most of us spend a significant amount of our day online, or at least on a computer, it’s no surprise that a significant amount of .

Shopping combines use of physical and mental energies, ensuring that we are temporarily distracted from our anxieties.

Online shopping versus traditional shopping: pros and cons

Driving or walking to the mall or market, finding a parking space, window shopping prior to actually buying something and other seemingly small activities engage all our senses. But, we will reveal to you the pros and cons of both types of shopping, so you can understand how you can benefit from online shopping – and learn how to make .

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We adhere. If you're looking to open a store, you'll need to weigh the pros and cons of a physical store and online store, to see which one will work for you.

With the popularity of online shopping.

The pros and cons of shopping
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