Stony brook dissertations

September 21,

Stony brook dissertations

Scientists detect diseases with breath analyzer Research Projects Tailored and selective gas detection using resistive sensor technology. Detailed studies proving the relationship between the crystallo-chemical characteristics of a metal oxide gas sensor and it's specificity to a particular chemical analyte or class of gases were pioneered by my research group.

Oxide polymorphism was determined to be a key factor to take into account for selective gas detection. Novel gas sensing mechanisms such as ferroelectric poling have been discovered. Portable, handheld, real-time monitoring, single breath analysis diagnostics prototypes have been produced and demonstrated by my group-these are novel and most promising nanomedicine tools.

The single step processing of 3D multilayered, porous scaffolds mimicking the topology of the extracellular matrix ECM -the natural scaffold- that enables cell growth and differentiation is a major breakthrough contribution to the field of tissue engineering.

Our group first synthesized and reported single crystal metal oxide nanowires produced by means of electrospinning, colloidal processes, or thermal oxidation. These nanowires are tested as electrodes in lithium batteries, photocatalysts, and gas sensors.Ph.D.

Dissertations. Tao Xian, "Three-Dimensional Modeling and Autofocusing Technology for New Generation Digital Cameras", Dept.

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of Electrical and Computer Engineering, SUNY at Stony Brook, Sept. May [Download pdf].Soon-Yong Park, "Stereo Vision and Range Image Techniques for Generating 3D Computer Models of Real Objects", Dept. of Electrical and Computer Engineering, SUNY at Stony Brook.


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The Stony Brook Department of Music offers graduate degrees in the History and Theory of Music and in Ethnomusicology. Students in these programs have the opportunity to engage with a broad historical and cultural span of music.

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Dissertations defended • Jalana S. Harris Adherence to the Strong Black Woman Archetype and Sexual Agency: An Intersectional Exploration of Sexual Assertiveness, T owards Deconstructing Black Women’s Sexual Health. Additional Resources – Comprehensive Examination and Dissertations; Key Dates for Graduate Faculty & Students ; Course Offerings.

Stony brook dissertations

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