Short essay advantages computers

The man used his knowledge to develop the technology and to use it to change the world and the computer is the epitome of that technology. To make students aware about the importance of the technology and the benefits of the computer and how it has affected the human life, they are asked to write an essay or deliver a speech on the computers. Sometimes students are asked to write a paragraph on the topic of computers in their exams. So, in this article, we have given you the essay on the computer in very simple yet effective language.

Short essay advantages computers

Back Do computers bring more benefits or problems in society? Computers have become so necessary to modern living that it is difficult to believe that they are a relatively recent invention.

We cannot live without computers, as they are involved in most of the everyday options. In schools, students use computers to learn and teachers use computer in their teachings.

Short essay advantages computers

All they need to do is just sit in front of the monitor and click the mouse. That means computers make the learning and teaching processes more efficient. As a result, students are all better educated. Although some people may complain students of becoming less concentrated on the lessons if computers are used, it is not the problem of using computers.

We cannot blame the computers, as it is the responsibility of students. In offices, businessmen use computers to trade with other companies, especially those who are overseas. They can communicate with each other in a short time.

Thus, trades can be finished in a more efficient way. Besides, they can collect the most up-to-date financial information from the Internet so that they can make the best decision. Moreover, computers are used to control the operation of machines.

Therefore, the productivity of companies can be highly increased. However, illnesses are brought by the inappropriate computer-aid working facilities. Illnesses can be combated by using ergonomic desks or chairs.

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In transportations, computers are used to control trains, ships and even the planes. The use of computers makes the itinerary more steady and safe. Since these computer systems are very reliable, pressures of the divers can be reduced.

On the other hand, computers are used to control the traffic lights. They can accurately assign time for pedestrians and vehicles. They contribute to our transport system. It is believed that computer system may be out of order, and unreliable.

We should not rely on them too much. It may be true to a certain extent. However the convenience that computer brought to us cannot be neglected. Also they rarely become out of order.

Since the convenience out weight the problems, computers still bring us more benefits.

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That is we can pay the electricity, telephone, water, and town gas bills without going out. We can make appointments through the Internet too, e. Also we can renew books. All these services are provided simply just by logging into your own account.

To conclude, computers are our tools to create a better society to live in. They have already taken a vital role in our society. This only means computers bring us more benefits than problems.Do You Need Support with Writing about Computer and Its Benefits? We use computers for almost everything in our lives now, we walk around with cell phones in our pockets that have more computing power than the Apollo moon landings.

Even our refrigerators and other appliances are now controlled by computers. How to Write an Essay on the 5/5. Do computers bring more benefits or problems in society?

Computers have become so necessary to modern living that it is difficult to believe that they are a relatively recent invention. Advantages and Disadvantages of Computer – Essay, Speech, Article (%) votes The Computer is an electronic device that receives input, processes the data and provides outputs in order to provide valid desired results.

Today, the computer is used in every field and has made our day to day tasks very easy but there are some advantages and disadvantages of computers. Advantages of Computer. Computer has made a very vital impact on society.

It has changed the way of life. The use of computer technology has affected every field of life. Long and Short Essay on Computer in English Find very simple to write and easy to learn essay on computer.

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Computer is a very high technique invention which everyone must know about and its advantages in life. Advantages and Disadvantages of Tourism Short Advantages and Disadvantages of Tourism - Short Essay New pedagogy St vincent & Grenadines Island is a small island with limited education facilities Primarily motivated students can easily start their own education.

Many people think of education as something that occurs in a school or classroom.

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