Rewrite asian kung fu generation tumblr

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Rewrite asian kung fu generation tumblr

Apart from karaokes, one of the reasons is I deeply enjoy how fundamentally weirdly conceived it is. So they did the most natural thing of all and kindly borrowed the chinese writing system.

However, a problem arose when spoken japanese and spoken chinese had always been very different all along. But more was needed to discourage the fierce theft ,, copy … inspiration attempt by the brave japanese people who really wanted to improve to the level of their onii-san.

So the order of words in a sentence is different? Thusly establishing a correspondence between japanese spoken words and chinese written words. And seeing how the japanese language has conjugation and stuff it would be nice to have a small set of symbols that we could for that.

So they came up with the idea of selecting a symbol per sound syllable. And since chinese characters were a little bit complicated and they needed to write fast, they decided to simplify them.

But hey, you have several ways to simplify stuff. The two main ways were to either remove a couple of pen strokes origin of katakanaor go for a whole stylish redesign with simpler strokes origin of hiragana.

Unable to chose between those two brillant ideas apparently, they kinda kept both in addition to the chinese characters, the kanjis.

Eventually they decided to write words in the right order and everything was as fine as fine could be. Therefore, the japanese language is full of words that sound the same but are spelled differently. Also every character can be pronounced at least two different ways, right?

I mean the chinese way onyomi and the japanese way kunyomi.

rewrite asian kung fu generation tumblr

And compound words create a lot of new prononciations, so the japanese language is also full of words that writes the same but sounds differently. And of course you can mix and match this with the meanings, so that one word can very well be written in different fashions and pronounced the same, or written the same and pronounced differently.

Apparently it can be pronounced jitsu too.

rewrite asian kung fu generation tumblr

The first day of the month being an exception. And then came the westerners At this point I feel obligated to drop a word about the influence of the whole western culture on Japan.

But our most remarkable contribution to the Japanese language, to me, is the fact that they write their numbers in packets of 3, but the language works with 4. Can I call you Sasuke-chan?


Oh yeah just dropping a word about why the Japanese always make a big fuss in the anime about how they call each other, and why the transition to calling by last name to calling by first name is important.

Other perks I focused mainly on the historical oddities of the Japanese language, but there are fortunately billion of cool insane oddities inside the spoken language by itself.

Most words correspond to a particular register of language, and sometimes the polite version of it is a totally different word itadaku for instance is a more polite verb for receiving morau or eating taberu.

That makes another set of words: Oh and also the numbers are kinda different according to what they quantify.FIST OF FURY aka THE CHINESE CONNECTION is Bruce Lee vehicle #2.

really stroked that shit in recent decades to the point I wonder if now most Chinese hate Japan much more than the WW2 generation, you know the ones who got bombed, shot, robbed, raped, all that. I always thought it was this one, where some Asian kung-fu dudes, I think.

Fukuoka | Japan Fukuoka | Japan. After having spent the last few days buried in nothing but books and flashcards, I come with yet another bag of fresh material.

to share amongst our youthful crowd, sort of speak. Radioblog: Yes, in case you hadn’t realized, this so-called Radioblog does exist on our site, (may I direct your attention over to the “Launch” area on your right-hand side.). An Asian man has so far been tricked by April the Turtles attempt to rewrite history when they're taken back in time to the exact moment of the first battle between Oroku Saki and Hamato Yoshi.

the turtles watch Space Heroes: The Next Generation, which serves as a follow-up to the original Space Heroes then same way Star Trek: The Next. danny sapani’s closing speech at tiata delights aggressive, victims, subordinates.

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White people are cerebral, manipulative, strategic, masters. Asian people are hard-working, submissive, introverts.

Chinese people do Kung Fu and so it goes on. And this doesn’t serve anybody. It’s not presenting an accurate reflection of reality. Mediaite is a news and opinion blog and aggregator for the media industry. Coverage includes newspapers, magazines, online, and television.

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