Ontario ministry of health and long term

This website is for information about getting urgent care.

Ontario ministry of health and long term

Ontario ministry of health and long term

Ask your veterinarian about options to help keep ticks off your pets. Maintain your property You can help keep blacklegged ticks away from your property by: Use fine-tipped tweezers and grasp the tick as close to your skin as possible.

Do not use a lit match or cigarette, nail polish or nail polish remover, petroleum jelly e. Pull the tick straight out, gently but firmly.

Do not jerk or twist the tweezers while pulling the tick out. Do not squeeze the tick — you might crush it. How to remove a tick.

Once you have removed a tick, wash your skin with soap and water and then disinfect your skin and your hands with rubbing alcohol or an iodine swab.

Why ticks are tested Tick testing is used to monitor where ticks live. If appropriate, they will send it to the Public Health Ontario Laboratory for identification and possibly test if for Lyme disease.

Ontario ministry of health and long term

Tick testing is not used to diagnose Lyme disease in humans. Lyme disease signs and symptoms Most symptoms of Lyme disease in humans usually appear between three and 30 days after a bite from an infected blacklegged tick.Expression of interest: web usability specialist(s) Rainbow Health Ontario is seeking experienced web usability specialists to recommend and lead a user-centred research process to identify, validate and order user needs and their interconnections across personas for the next build of the Rainbow Health Ontario website.

Search Selections for Long-Term Care homes. This website provides information about Long-Term Care (LTC) homes in Ontario. LTC homes are co-funded by the provincial government and residents who live in the home.

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Ontario's health care system is one of the best in the world. Ontarians who qualify can access a variety of health care services in their community. Are you looking for a family doctor or nurse practitioner? Start here to find health care professionals now accepting new patients.

Want to know how long you can expect to wait in an emergency room, for surgery or diagnostic imaging, or for home care? Search here. If you are a senior, you have many.

Understanding how long you might need to wait for certain medical services can be complicated. We’re here to help. Get information and advice about wait times in Ontario.

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