Literary piece of india

Freelance Writer Literary Fiction vs. Genre Fiction In reality, neither of the two categories of writers necessarily deserve the distinction of being better writers. Different writers is a better word choice. An argument can be made that there are two types of fiction when it comes to novels:

Literary piece of india

Become a member of TranslationDirectory. This article deals with the problems in translating literary prose and reveals some pertinent solutions and also concentrates on the need to expand the perimeters of Translation Studies.

The translation courses offered at many universities in Bangladesh and overseas treat the subject mostly as an outcome of Applied Linguistics. Presently, the teachers and students of translation are confused at the mounting impenetrability of the books and articles that flood the market.

Unfortunately, the translators lay more emphasis on the translation of poetry; there should be more research regarding the particular problems of translating literary prose. One explanation of this could be the fact that the status of poetry is considered higher, but it is more possibly due to the notable flawed notion that the novels, essays, fiction etc.

However, many debates have been organised over when to translate, when to apply the close local equivalent, when to invent a new word by translating clearly, and when to copy. It is a type of literary creativeness where the written-work of one language is re-created in another.

It is an inherent idea that the translation of poetry is very problematic, yet we have to agree that the translators also have to face lots of difficulties when it comes to translating prose.

For example, the Wycliffe Bible ca. However, when the source and target languages belong to different cultural groups, the first problem faced by the prose-translator is finding terms in his or her own language that express the highest level of faithfulness possible to the meaning of certain words.

For example, there are some words that are related to typical fabrics, cookery specialties, or jobs; they also represent specific culture and the translators should be very careful in translating such words. They also find it difficult to render ambiguous puns.

Similarly, the titles of stories and novels provide many examples of such ambiguities, which are hard or even impossible to translate.

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Many people think that the translation of literary works is one of the highest forms of rendition because it is more than simply the translation of text. A literary translator must also be skilled enough to translate feelings, cultural nuances, humour and other delicate elements of a piece of work.

In fact, the translators do not translate meanings but the messages. That is why, the text must be considered in its totality. T from the Source Text S. Language has more than a communicative, or societal and connective purpose in literary-prose translation.

Literary piece of india

In brief, to translate is to pour meaning from one vessel to another one that is equivalent to the first. Whereas, prose represents ordinary speech or writing, without metrical structure.

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The subject, Translation Studies, was not given much importance earlier. According to Paz, Every text is unique and, at the same time, it is the translation of another text. No text is entirely original because language itself, in its essence, is already a translation: However, this argument can be turned around without losing any of its validity: Every translation, up to a certain point, is an invention and as such it constitutes a unique text.

However, it is not always possible to sketch a separate border line in the real literary procedure between prose-translation and all creative literature.

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In some examples, a work may not be a translation in the common sense, but it may not be possible to express it absolutely as a work of literary creativeness. The particular meanings of these designations rely on the language and the eon. Walter Benjamin presents the idea that a translation does not indicate an original text, it has no relationship with communication, its purpose is not to carry meaning, etc.

The work of writing does not merely imitate or copy, but rather strives to extract and convey the essence of the previous text. He shows the relationship between the supposed original and translation by using the symbol of a tangent: L and Target Language T.Abstract.

This article deals with the problems in translating literary prose and reveals some pertinent solutions and also concentrates on the need to expand the perimeters of Translation Studies.

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