Hsbc scandal

Not surprisingly, the traffic bump is due to this news story involving front running.

Hsbc scandal

Card protection The products you should check for PPI include: If you cannot find your old agreements you can try contacting the bank. They only have to keep your records for 6 years after you last used the account. If it is more than 6 years since your account closed then the financial institution that sold the policy to you is no longer required to keep any paperwork.

You are still perfectly entitled to make a claim, but you will have to provide any and all evidence on your own to make a claim. If you already know that you have a PPI and you think that it was mis-sold, contact us and we will discuss with you and determine whether you may have a Hsbc scandal or not that could be successful.

Common reasons for the mis-selling of PPI are below: You were told that PPI was compulsory in order for you to get the loan or credit card.

The PPI was added to your loan or credit without your knowledge.

What Is Front Running?

You were self-employed, unemployed, retired or a student when the PPI was taken out or added. You were already entitled to income protection from your employer. You already had PPI in place under another policy that would have covered you.

Policy exclusions were not clearly pointed out to you by the bank officials. You were not asked about any pre existing medical conditions when the PPI was added or sold.

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You were told that you would have a better chance of getting the loan if you took out the PPI. There are many more reasons why PPI was mis-sold.

Contact us and we will assist you all the way throughout the process; from establishing whether you have had PPI, making a claim to the relevant lenders or companies on your behalf, helping you fill out any relevant paperwork, right through to agreeing, assessing and settling any offers of compensation on your behalf.

We can assist you in establishing whether or not PPI was actually attached to that particular finance.

Hsbc scandal

We would then ascertain if the PPI was actually mis-sold and on what grounds. The next step would be for us to contact the bank that you think is responsible for the mis-selling.

Under normal circumstances, you would have up to 6 years from the time that your account which had a PPI policy on it was still active and no more than 3 years since you knew that there was a problem.

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There is no reason that you could not successfully be compensated for mis-sold PPI going back 10 — 15 years provided that we were able to establish that PPI was added to your loan or credit card agreement and PPI was mis-sold. Keep Collecting Paperwork is the key to resolving the matter quickly.

Group together the policies you wish to claim on. Treat each policy you have individually with their corresponding terms and conditions and monthly billing statements.

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Ensure that the account numbers are still readable and any piece of paperwork, even seemingly irrelevant ones will help greatly to prove your claim.

Make Sure To Check Everything Ensure all the details that point to your policy being mis-sold and other paperwork are filed correctly in your respective PPI claims.

Have someone help you check out whether or not you had PPI especially if you are not too keen on the details due to exhaustion. As a matter of fact, PPI claims can be strenuous due to the attention to detail.

Another pair of eyes may show you areas that you missed that still need further information for PPI. Although it is normally best to have evidence of any PPI by way of bank statements, credit card agreements etc, which show that PPI was added, it is not always required as we can run a Free PPI Check for you.

Millions of people will receive letters in the coming months from their banks. They will be told they may have been mis-sold a payment protection insurance PPI policy sometime in the past and that they could be in line for a compensation payment - if they lodge a complaint. It is part of a campaign ordered by the authorities to make sure anyone who has been mis-sold a PPI policy is compensated correctly.

You can directly contact your bank or the company that you think may be responsible for mis-selling you PPI yourself and make a complaint to them by letting them know of your concerns and informing them of why you think that you may have been mis-sold the PPI. Find all the documents you can and make copies of anything that might be relevant.

If you think you were mis-sold PPI, you should first contact the business that sold you the policy. Write a letter to the mortgage, loan or credit card provider who sold you the PPI.

Send all the documents you think might be relevant.Mar 04,  · HSBC paid its chief executive $ million last year, including bonuses and long-term incentives worth $ million, despite missing cost and earnings targets . With HSBC, Mexico's involvement entailed providing money-laundering services to various drug cartels, including bulk movements of cash from the bank's Mexican unit to the U.S., with little or no.

Banking giant HSBC helped wealthy clients across the world evade hundreds of millions of pounds worth of tax, the BBC has learned. Panorama has seen accounts from , clients in countries.

This website discloses details of a massive consumer fraud by HSBC and the cover-ups by regulators, media and the government. It represents 13 years work. The Financial Conduct Authority announcement above is the culmination to date.

Twenty months ago, banks including HSBC paid nearly $5bn in regulatory fines over their role in a foreign-exchange benchmark rigging scandal. If the UK-based lender thought that was the end of the affair, it was mistaken.

Dec 11,  · HSBC Holdings Plc agreed to pay a record $ billion in fines to U.S. authorities for allowing itself to be used to launder a river of drug money flowing out of Mexico and other banking lapses.

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