Hp redflag essay

Blanche doesn't miss a beat, waves in a helper, picks up the phone.

Hp redflag essay

Waving the Red Flag on College Application Essays by j9robinson Oct 12, Last week, a new student came to my home for help on his college application essays.

I asked this eager senior about his target schools. Then he handed me a printout of his essay. It was one he had written for his English teacher at our local high school.

It was about a mission trip. To a South American country. And he wrote how he loved working with the kids, and how he realized how privileged he was, and how he hoped to make a difference in the world. I tried not to let my reaction show.

The essay was well-written, in that it expressed his ideas clearly and earnestly. But it was boring.

Hp redflag essay

And the topic was cliche. I would say writing about mission trips for one of these essays is up there as not only one of the most overdone topics, but also a thankless topic to help you write something personal and memorable about yourself and stand out from the crowd.

These were all red-flag topics. It felt really wrong. Do students really need to hire a private college admissions consultant for several thousands dollars or more to get the inside scoop on these essays?

Maybe, if they can afford it. Yes, you can do your online research. If you are industrious or lucky enough to land on the right Web site like this one!

The reason certain topics are overdone is no fault of the students. They are only writing about what they know and think will make great topics, and they happen to be the same things mission trips, dying grandparents, sports injuries, etc. My point is that many students are falling through the many cracks in this flawed college admissions system, not just those who are underrepresented or underprivileged, although they certainly lead the pack.

Even the well-intentioned high schools and industrious English teachers who have incorporated them into their curriculum can miss the mark. Just this year, our local high school was using outdated prompts.

Until that changes, all is not lost. At least you found Essay Hell here. On some level, this is a good thing, because it means that most of you are in the same boat when it comes to these essays—whether you are underprivileged or privileged or somewhere in the middle. And a lot comes down to how much initiative, time, energy and creativity you put into figuring how to write these college application essays on your own.

Motivated, self-directed kids like you who do your homework are probably the ones who should get into the best colleges!Flickr is almost certainly the best online photo management and sharing application in the world.

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In , it was established by William Hewlett and David Packard. Hewlett-Packard Company delivers hardware, software, solutions and services.

Hp redflag essay

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