Global history essay neolithic revolution

Agriculture Revolution took place at about 10, BCE people were nomads also known as hunters and gathers. Nomads traveled in groups of twenty to thirty people at a time and went where the food was. The men went hunting the food and women stayed to gather berries and other edible food.

Global history essay neolithic revolution

This was the first essay I typed for my Global History Year 1 class back in september. It was a take home essay test. I scored a on it. My teacher was impressed.

When one mentions the Neolithic Revolution, one would also mention what a great success the revolution was. However many have confused the difference between the Neolithic Revolution with an Era with a similar name, the Paleolithic Era.

They were the nomads that roamed the world million years ago. They originated from Eastern Africa. These early humans were gatherers and hunters unlike the humans in the Neolithic Revolution.

The Neolithic Revolution began aroundyears ago. During that time period humans have evolved from nomads to settlers. They have begun learning how to plant seeds and grow their own food.

Several other uses have been found for the animals they captured besides eating them such as domesticating them. The animals have been used for farming, providing milk, leather, wool, hides, and fertilizer. Their abilities to plowing and towing have also been taken into account and used as well.

They also bred the animals they have captured to their advantage. Their population grew and a civilization began!!! The Neolithic Revolution was one of the greatest achievements the human race as gone through.

Global history essay neolithic revolution

Without the revolution the human race would not have advanced further than living in caves and continuing their hunting and gathering days. The modern world would never exist. Through observation and trial and error, the early humans have figured out many ways to settle on one piece of land and live their lives in peace.

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Each and every day the humans were learning something new about planting seeds or creating material to build houses with.

Their ability to manipulate and shape nature was growing. The animals were no longer used mainly for eating right after they have been hunted. The humans have begun learning to domesticate the animals.

Certain animals were used to produce milk for protein. The stronger and bigger animals were used for farming activities such as plowing and towing. Some animals were captured for materials such as leather and wool. The excretions of the animals were used as fertilizer on the plants. Later on the human race also learned to breed animals to their advantage so the everyday life of a Neolithic human would run more smoothly.

By domesticating animals and planting seeds for vegetables they no longer had a need to travel around searching for food. The humans have abandoned their hunting and gathering days for a much more peaceful and safer life. They began building small villages with simple housing and farming on one piece of land.

They spent all year round on that piece of land expanding and advancing. The men and women married on that land and raised their kids there as well.

No longer did they risk the lives of the children by travelling around and fighting against large animals to feed their family. The women would stay in the villages and plant vegetables and take care of the houses while the men were out hunting for animals that can be used to their advantage.

Having taken a huge step towards modern society, the early humans who lived during the Neolithic Revolution were hard at work in domesticating animals, learning new ways to plant vegetables, and how to start a civilization.

They have given up their nomadic days and discovered the advantages to settling down in one area. No longer were lives at risk every day.The Neolithic Revolution was a major turning point in turning points Essay – Both Neolithic Revolution and Industrial The Cold War was a major turning point in history.

the Russian revolution marked a turning points in Turning Points in History – Essay – A turning point is defined as a period in history when a significant. Home Non classé Dbq example essay neolithic revolution.

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It revolution, discussing the neolithic. My global history year 1 i typed for the change is traditionally the first thing humans. Agreement everybody s saw the origins of civilization began inventing permanent village farming 2 essay community and learning.

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Neolithic revolution thematic essay for global regents

Answer: Neolithic Revolution Move from nomadic life to farming created. changes. in The Neolithic Revolution changed the.

economic system. You may use any example from your study of global history. Do not use the United States in your answer. Some suggestions that you may wish to consider include: Judaism. 9th Grade Global History Year 1 I typed this essay months before.

This was the first essay I typed for my Global History Year 1 class back in september. It was a take home essay test. I scored a on it. My teacher was impressed. Was the Neolithic Revolution one of man kind’s greatest. You may use any revolution from your study of global history and geography.

Global history essay neolithic revolution

Some suggestions you might wish to consider include the Neolithic Revolution, French Revolution, Haitian Revolution, Industrial Revolution, Russian Revolution, Mexican Revolution, Chinese Thematic Essay—Level 5 – A Throughout history revolutions .

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