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French essay school system

A guide to French education 2 comments This guide to education in France, from primary school to higher education, will help you enrol your child into the French education system. If you're living in France, your child will be entitled to free French education, which has generally been considered of a high standard.

The French education system is split into several stages, and your child's academic level and grades will dictate which specialist streams they can follow in their final years in the French school system.

After completing compulsory French education, a student can consider higher education courses in France. Below is an outline of the French education system — including nursery, primary, secondary and university education in France — plus an introduction to the French educational philosophy.

French education standards The French education system long enjoyed a reputation for having one of the best education systems in the world, with a nationally set curriculum, traditional methods of learning, high academic standards and strict discipline.

It is now placed 25 French essay school system of 65 countries, with 43 percent of students having difficulty in mathematics and with a widening equality gap within the school population. The French educational philosophy emphasises: The French don't necessarily expect children to have 'fun' at school.

Sports and creative activities are encouraged but generally organised by community or private associations, not by the schools.

French education system - children and school in France

French schooling is free and mandatory from ages six to 16, although the majority of French children start earlier. Class sizes tend to be large, with one teacher for some 30 or more students. Teaching unions and right-wing political parties oppose the changes, and have enacted strikes against these reforms.

Local and international schools in France Most students in France attend local schools, which are free. However, foreign families may consider an international school to ease their child's transition by continuing education in a familiar language and curriculum.

Your child's age and length of time in France are just some factors to consider. For more information on how to choose a school in France, see Expatica's guide to French schools: Compulsory education in France Although French education is compulsory for children resident in France between the ages of six and 16, many children enter preschool at the age of three and more than 50 percent of 18—21 year olds in France are in full-time higher education.

State education is free for French citizens and others who have proof of residence, although parents have to pay for stationery and school trips. Schools are mixed sex and secular.

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While the majority of schools are state-run ecoles publiquesthere are also private schools under contract sous contrat to the French government, whereby the government pays the teachers' salaries, the school follows the national curriculum, and fees are reasonably low.

There are also private schools ecoles prives that are fully independent hors contratsome of which are international schools. Schools affiliated to a particular religion are also usually private and thus fee paying. There are public schools with bilingual programmes but in most cases bilingual education is only available in a private school.

For more information about different types of school in France, see Expatica's guide on how to choose a school in France. Most French schools follow a national curriculum set by the Ministry of Education but the French government published reforms in May that would allow schools to set 20 percent of the curriculum themselves.

There is no school uniform at most schools in France, and your child's grade is determined by the calendar year of birth so all children born between 1 January and 31 December of a particular year will be in the same grade.

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The "collège unique" is the backbone of the French school system. All pupils go to collège, usually at age 11, but sometimes at an older age, if they have been made to repeat a year in primary school. French school system compared to english. November 26, by Leave a Comment. French school system compared to english.

French essay school system

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