Foreign remittances in pakistan

Aslam said recent job cuts in Saudi Arabia constitute one of the many reasons for the sudden drop in remittances in July.

Foreign remittances in pakistan

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The rules and the regulations involved in taking residency in Pakistan are very simple. First you have to fill up the identity card application form and to meet the requirements mentioned in the form which are quite simple.

To meet conditions mentioned in the form you don't have to even quit the USA citizenship as the Pakistani government follows the dual citizenship treaty.

Your question regarding the amount of money you wish to take with yourself involves certain ambiguities, like if you are interested in carrying on with some particular profession or in the other case you want to start some business.

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In any case for this purpose the income from foreign remittance is exempt from tax as well as the property or shares acquired from it. An acquaintance citizen was killed in Pakistan.

Her daughter remains in that country in an unknown location. How would my friend's living in the US family be able to apply for custody of the child n a Pakistani court.

Foreign Exchange Remittance Card (FERC) for Overseas Pakistanis

The child is a female of approximately 18 months of age. Frank In this case, there are several points involved: The minor is a girl 18 months old that is an infant by law. Moreover, in this case the mother is dead so the custody can be given to the father.

To resolve this issue: There is father can file an application for appointment as a guardian under the sec. This would be determined by the said court of Wards and Guardians I am living inI have a house in Lahore.

Presently it is vacant. I want to rent it out. How can I find a suitable tenant? Abdul Hamid, UAE If you are interested in renting out the house, first of all you need a tenant and for this you can contact a reputable property dealer in Lahore.

He will help to find out the tenant on the commission basis. The normal procedure is like this: It is advised that Rent Agreement be drafted by a lawyer. What procedure should be adopted in making a rental deed?

The agreement will be for eleven months and will be signed by two witnesses and an advocate.

Foreign remittances in pakistan

If the rent agreement exceeds the period of more than 11 months, it should be registered with Rent controller having jurisdiction over the said rented premises.

I have my house on rent but I am not happy with the current tenant. What should be the grounds of ejectment of occupancy tenant?OVERSEAS PAKISTANIS FOUNDATION APPLICATION FORM FOREIGN EXCHANGE REMITTANCE CARD (FERC) Old Card No.

(If applicable) Name of Applicant Father ˇs/Husband ˇs Name. Foreign Exchange Operations Department, State Bank of Pakistan / Company Foreign Remittances 7 Mar, in Other / Pakistan / Karachi / Sindh tagged Foreign Exchange Operations Department / State Bank of Pakistan.

However, if remittances continue to slow, and dramatically as in the case of Central Asian countries, poor families in many parts of the world would face serious challenges including nutrition, access to health care and education,” said Augusto Lopez-Claros, Director of the World Bank.

KARACHI: Overseas Pakistani workers sent remittances amounting to over $ billion in July, down % from the same month of , according to data released by the State Bank of Pakistan (SBP.

About PRI. In order to provide for an ownership structure in Pakistan for remittance facilitation, State Bank of Pakistan, Ministry of Overseas Pakistanis and Ministry of Finance launched a joint initiative called Pakistan Remittance Initiative (PRI).

Baggage Rules Of Pakistan FAQs. Write to Webmaster. I 'm a US citizen who wants to move to Lahore Pakistan with my wife and two children.

In any case for this purpose the income from foreign remittance is exempt from tax as well as the property or shares acquired from it.

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