Ethical dilemma should we go beyond the law

Bioethics Discussion Blog What have you been reading, hearing or TV viewing that has provoked some feelings of comfort or concern about what is happening in the world of medicine, medical care, treatment or science? Ethics is all about doing the right thing.

Ethical dilemma should we go beyond the law

Ethical Dilemmas Posted By Chris Dimick on Apr 2, Ethics can look easy on paper, but the working world offers some complex situations. In the April print issue writer Mark Crawford explores three scenarios that illustrate the kinds of difficult situations that HIM professionals can find themselves facing.

The most complicated situations often involve colleagues who witness what is, or appears to be, unethical behavior and are unsure how to respond—especially if job security is on the line.

What do you think? What leads to situations like this, and what options does the coder have? Are HIM professionals in all roles not just coders facing greater pressures to commit or condone questionable or unethical behavior?

Discuss it by commenting at the end of the scenario. Pressure to Upcode In a large, for-profit, multi-specialty clinic, strong emphasis is placed on optimizing revenue opportunities for private-payer patients. One of the coders, also CCS-credentialed, has expressed her concerns about the appropriateness of this direction.

The supervisor has indicated these comments are unwelcome and implied the coder should perhaps seek employment elsewhere if she has concerns.

However, this is the only healthcare facility within the community, and the coder is a single parent with financial responsibilities for her family. This, of course, puts the coder in a difficult situation, especially with the hint of termination. Any liability for incorrect coding will likely be assigned to the coder and the clinic.

The supervisor also is violating principle IV, which calls for refusal to participate in unethical practices or procedures. Probable violations of AHIMA Standards of Ethical Coding include standards 1 and 3 accurate coding practices and standards 6, 9, and 11 not committing fraudulent or unethical practices.

The choice the coder makes may depend on the corporate culture. Does the culture encourage the reporting of violations? Will the company protect the coder if she informs another supervisor about the situation?

Some organizations have an ombudsman or similarly situated individual who can help in situations like this.Faced with a career dilemma, Blake Strode obviously has little to complain about: A star student as well as a star athlete, he was recently admitted to Harvard Law School just as his professional.

In order to make sense of the model, we put forward three short ethical dilemma scenarios facing teachers and apply the model to interpret them. Here we identify the critical incident, the forces at play that help to illuminate the incident, the choices confronting the individual and the implications of these choices for the individual.

Reframing the confidentiality dilemma to work in children’s best interests. Professional Psychology; Research and Practice, 20, About the Limits of Confidentiality and It's Limitations on Helping* Although most of what we talk about is private, there are three kinds of problems you Ethical issues beyond professional guidelines.

Organizational ethics is the ethics of an organization, and it is how an organization responds to an internal or external stimulus. Organizational ethics is interdependent with the organizational culture. Ethical Theory: We can think of ethical theory as a decision model. The critical element in morality is the need to make decisions regarding fairly difficult issues.

What we need is a well reasoned method for taking the facts and making the best decision we can in terms of our moral principles. ETHICAL DILEMMA CASE: “SHOULD WE GO BEYOND THE LAW? ” Analysis of Relative Facts Managers, once in a while to implement projects or programs of organization may face ethical dilemma.

Ethical dilemma should we go beyond the law

This happens when such implementation, in the process, hurts other individuals or adversely affects the community where it is located. In this case, Nathan.