Essays on the ritual of social relations

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Essays on the ritual of social relations

Used generally, this concept refers to all of the experiential aspects of religion. However, there is some latitude in the types of experiences that researchers choose to focus on.

Strict and frequent performance of the public rites of religious observance, even in the absence of fervent belief.

This would be measured by combining high scores on religious behavior with relatively low scores on belief.

Ritual is one of the key concepts in the sociology of religion. Emile Durkheim posited a relationship between ritual behavior and the adherence to social order, putting collective veneration of the sacred at the heart of his theory of social solidarity. Durkheim argued that every religious group had three features: Rituals provide a focal point for emotional processes and generate symbols of group membership.

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They help people to experience a shared sense of exaltation and group transcendence. This feeling, which is only experienced through ritual veneration, is collective effervescence. The unique condition of ritual participation is that people systematically misunderstand the emotional energy they experience in the ritual process as having a supernatural origin.

This misunderstanding thus confirms their religious beliefs and the exhilaration they experience leads them to return to their community to re-experience it through sacred rites.

His theory of rituals provides a powerful social mechanism that reinforces group coherence and produces social solidarity, but he does not explain how social groups originate or how they change, dissolve, fracture, and so on.

From a functionalist perspective, social and cultural innovations, however rare, are quickly normalized and institutionalized through ritual practices.

Stark and Finke jettison the functionalism of Durkheim and focus exclusively on religious rituals, rather than all repeated social interactions, arguing that confidence in religious explanations increases with ritual participation. Rational-choice accounts argue that rituals are ubiquitous features of social life because they provide the common focal points and common cultural knowledge that provide actors with information about how others will act.

Essays on the ritual of social relations

This makes mutual assurance possible and helps actors solve the coordination problems that usually bedevil and obstruct effective collective action. Armed with common knowledge, actors can more credibly make commitments to one another and mutually orient their actions to one another, often without the need for organization Chwe Cultural practices — such as rituals — that facilitate coordination develop and persist because they are, ultimately, efficient and enhance the productivity of social action.

Not surprisingly, rituals are foundational to voluntary collective action, as is especially evident in religious groups.

Essays on the ritual of social relations

They fulfill the need which the believer feels of strengthening and affirming, at regular intervals of time, the bond which unites him to the sacred beings upon which he depends. The cult helps to constitute moral boundaries, exclude strangers, provide access to goods and privileges, and define a sacred citizenship that operates across social distinctions status Maus, Hubert, and Hertz Yet this need not imply that integration occurs without conflict, as struggles frequently occur among the adherents of the cult for their position in it, their rival interpretations of the core beliefs and myths, and its relevance and importance to the challenges they face.

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It is about the personal and the social as well as about us and the relations of others. It has been argued that identity is wholly cultural in character and does not exist outside of .

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Essays On The Ritual Of Social Relations