Essay om puerto rico culture

During the early century, the Spaniard in order to populate the country took Taino Indian women as brides.

Essay om puerto rico culture

Order now Sorry, but copying text is forbidden on this website! The Cuban culture is a combination of various influences and factors from African, European and North American groups.

With the present system of education, the current literacy rate of the island is 97 percent. In terms of music, the Cubans have created various styles and forms including dances and instruments, due to the influences by Spanish immigrants and African slaves.

The African slaves introduced drums, cajons and percussion instruments, while the Spanish introduced guitars, musical notation and musical composition. Ignacio Cervantes was the most successful composer during his generation and was the key player in musical nationalism in the island and was followed by Amadeo Roldan and Alejandro Caturla.

The Taino Indians, specifically, have contributed much in the development of the Puerto Rican culture. However, the social and political relations of Puerto Ricans with the Americans have also contributed to the development of its local culture.

Essay om puerto rico culture

At present, the literacy rate of the island is 90 percent and the curriculum makes education a must starting from six to 17 years old.The People and Culture from Puerto Rico Brief History Puerto Rico was discovered on November 19, by Columbus and a fleet of men.

Incidentally the war with Spain regarding Cuba left the United States with ownership of Puerto Rico. 3/5(5). Prelude: From Bomba to Hip-Hop Introduction 1. "pueblo pueblo'': Popular Culture in Time 2. The Lite Colonial: Diversions of Puerto Rican Discourse 3.

The Heritage and Culture of Puerto Ricans

Broken English Memories: Languages in the Trans-Colony 4. "Salvacion Casita'': Space, Performance, and Community 5. "Cha-Cha with a Backbeat'': Songs and Stories of Latin Boogaloo 6. Puerto Rico’s official name is Commonwealth of Puerto Rico. Puerto Rico’s Spanish heritage is reflected in the language and customs of its people.

Spanish is the main language of the island, although many Puerto Ricans speak English.

Essay om puerto rico culture

- The Culture and Music of Puerto Rico In the first decade of American rule, Puerto Rican culture was influenced drastically by its status as a US possession. Although the political and economic aspects of American influence were very significant, American rule also had a great impact on Puerto Rican culture.

- Puerto Rico and the United States Since Puerto Rico was first discovered by Christopher Columbus on November 19, , and Spanish colonization ensued in , Puerto Rico has experienced all of these pressures of identity and culture. American Perceptions, Puerto Rican Realities.

Between and , mutual misperceptions and negative stereotypes took deep root both in Puerto Rico and in the United States.

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