Aqa spec b english language coursework

Back to top Choosing a suitable task Many students start with an idea of the texts they wish to study, but with no sense of an approach to investigation. Often these are texts you know or think you do already. One reason to study language is to learn about different kinds of text - so do you really want to spend time investigating rap lyrics? If so, you need to think of something worth trying to find out in your investigation.

Aqa spec b english language coursework

Website article Writing for Different Genres: Do NOT write in columns. You get NO extra marks for this. If writing to inform or explain, consider using bullet points to give some facts.

These will consist of a headline and a date.

Aqa spec b english language coursework

You would then write the rest of your article beneath that…. Writing for Different Audiences: For Section B, you have to think very carefully about the audience you have been asked to write for. The first thing to consider is: Handy Hints for Answering Question Five: Make sure you write an effective plan before starting your opening sentence.

Mind-map your topic with at least points, which can then be turned into paragraphs. List all the techniques needed for the purpose of your writing: SOMP, sensory language, short sentences, etc.

Try to begin and end your writing in a creative way; think about including as many techniques as possible. Try to be as creative and interesting as possible — make sure your work stands out.

Question Five Student Exemplar: Write a brief article for a website of your choice telling your readers about an interesting or unusual journey or travel experience you have had. Explain why it was memorable.

Renting out a boat. The day was perfect. Fluffy clouds floated lazily across the bright blue sky. The sun beaming down on the deep blue sparkling river. Little ripples splashing against the side of the pier as a beauty of a sailing boat glided past. We were renting a small motor boat to go up the river and see some of the most beautiful sights in the area: We were all on the boat safely and dad started up the engine.

Immediately the boat roared to life as we turned then sped across the water. The cool breeze blowing our hair off our faces, the spray whipping up behind us. The refreshing smell of salt water wafted up our noses. As we left the boat rental behind the Royal Naval College come into view.English Language & Literature AS/A2 Level AQA at Churchdown School Academy Course description.

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A Level English Language and Literature Spec B AQA. Course content. What does the course include? coursework, but with a different name! Both exams are .

Unit 4 - (coursework) Language Investigation. Entry Requirements. Five GCSEs at a minimum of Grade C/4 (including Mathematics) and English Language at a minimum of Grade B/6.

AQA English Language B by Marcello Giovanelli & Alan Pearce. Optional reading: Advanced English Language (Revision Express) by Alan Gardiner;. AQA A- Level English Language Past Papers - Revision World AQA A- Level English Language exams past papers and marking schemes (AS and A2) for syllabus Aand syllabus B ().

This section includes recent a level english language past papers from aqa if you are not sure which syllabus aor b. planning to deliver the coursework, this could just as well be set as an induction activity in the first half term.

A short extract from a text is paired with the matching. download aqa english literature b a2 students book aqa english literature for a2 Written for the AQA A Level English Literature A and B specifications, this inspiring book and accompanying online resources provide a range of teaching opportunities from developing skills to getting the most from.

See below how the papers are structured to test the different AOs. Take a look at what the questions will look like, and how many marks they are each worth.

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