An analysis of benton textiles

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An analysis of benton textiles

At least for the later part of this period most trades and workplaces are recorded somewhere, if not in one of the extensive 19thcentury surveys, fn.

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It is not possible here, however, to make a comprehensive survey of all these matters, while to concentrate on large firms only would deflect attention from the smaller undertakings which were the source of the bulk of employment and wealth. Court, which treat the conurbation as a whole.

Yet at that time the cloth and leather trades were probably still more important than the iron industry. In that year some of the King family were still fullers, but one at least was an ironmonger, providing iron for smiths and nailers.

During the Middle Ages Birmingham had not stood out from its neighbours as an industrial centre, for other Midland villages shared its geographical advantages.

During the 16th century, however, industries which one would expect to find located on the coal outcrops to the north and west of Birmingham were moving south and east in search of water-power.

An analysis of benton textiles

Such a forge is mentioned at Bromford in fn. The causes of the growth of the town generally have been discussed above fn. In particular, freedom from the control of any guild or corporation may have encouraged enterprise.

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A deed of relating to a house in Moor Street lists among its trustees three ironmongers, a fuller, two mercers, and a smith.

Premises, too, changed their purpose. When the tanyards decayed they were often used in the textile trades and even in the preparation of iron.

At all events as the 16th century progressed we find an increasing concentration of metalworkers around Birmingham. This was heaviest around the old town centre at Digbeth and Deritend, but we find similar occupations elsewhere.

There were scythesmiths at Aston, fn. One of these was the hammer mill at Holford, fn. There is evidence that Birmingham men sold arms in Ireland before the end of the 16th century. There were two great concentrations of such people in England: There was much rivalry between the two centres at a later stage, but in the Birmingham men, close to the supply of raw materials and manufacturers, manifestly held their own against the Londoners, who were close to the final consumer.

By the greatest of the Birmingham ironmongers, John Jennens, was in partnership with his brother Ambrose, who marketed the product in London.

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What few records there are seem to point mostly to a local connexion in the Midland counties. The will of William Jennens, who settled in Birmingham in the middle of the 16th century and died inshowed him to have accumulated considerable possessions in his lifetime.

These Jennenses, living in great style at Erdington Hall, fn.Manufacturing Council. The Manufacturing Council serves as the principal private sector advisory committee to the Secretary of Commerce on the United States manufacturing sector.

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An analysis of benton textiles

Thomas Hart Benton. would be good choices for additional work, but especially Benton County (with their larger population and higher waste amount) or the more populated counties in .

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The _____ was an early nineteenth century development that constituted the combined solution to the problems of locating sufficient capital, transporting raw materials to factories and products to consumers, and supervising large numbers of workers.

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