Allowing gays and lesbians to adopt

Inthe Florida Supreme Courtruling in Franklin v. Statestruck down the "crime against nature" statute as unconstitutionally vague.

Allowing gays and lesbians to adopt

Some states still have barriers for married gay couples looking to adopt from foster care. As soon as Daniel Nurse met baby Cameron inhe knew he wanted to adopt him. But going about adopting Cameron proved challenging for Nurse and his husband, Casanova.

While same-sex couples have long been able to adopt from private, gay-friendly adoption agencies, adopting children from the foster care system has proved more difficult in some states.

Supreme Court decision in June that made same-sex marriage legal nationwide is changing that, but not everywhere—particularly in states with laws that limit joint adoption to a husband and wife. Michigan passed such a law right before the court decision.

Allowing gays and lesbians to adopt

The Nurses became familiar with all these roadblocks when adopting Cameron and their two other children. All but Arkansas and Tennessee also had policies that did not allow gay and lesbian couples to adopt foster children jointly, according to the Human Rights Campaign.

But many of those states are changing their policies in the aftermath of the Supreme Court decision.

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Mississippi is the only state that has a law that specifically bars gay couples from adopting foster children, and Julia Bryan, spokeswoman for the state Department of Human Services, said the law will be followed unless the legislature makes any changes when it reconvenes in January.

However, the ban is being challenged in the courts. The Texas Department of Family and Protective Services also will wait on the legislature before changing how it operates, according to spokeswoman Julie Moody. Gay couples in the state will have to continue to have one member of the couple formally adopt the child, she said, and then the other member has to come back later to do a second parent adoption—a similar process to a step parent adopting a stepchild.

Nebraska policy prevented unmarried couples, gay or straight, from fostering or adopting state wards untilwhen the state started allowing gay couples to become foster parents, ultimately placing foster children with 15 same-sex couples, according to the Omaha World Herald. A county judge recently struck down the unmarried couple ban.

Religious Interests Although the court decision is leading to changes in some states, others are creating new roadblocks to gay adoption. That has happened in other states. Some Catholic organizations in Illinois and Massachusetts shut down rather than violate their conscience by serving gay couples.

But opponents of the Michigan law say its language is too broad, giving religious organizations leeway to discriminate against not just gay couples, but single people, interracial couples, people of other faiths or anybody who they say conflicts with their faith.

While religious groups often argue that same-sex parents could be damaging to children, nearly all research has found the opposite. A project at Columbia University assembled scholarly, peer-reviewed studies on the well-being of children with gay parents.

Of 77 studies, just four found that having gay parents negatively impacts a child. Even in states that require agencies to work with gay couples, there are no guarantees against discrimination in deciding whether to allow them to adopt.

He put up pictures of his family. In addition to Cameron, now 4, the couple has adopted Neijal, also 4, and Ava Rose, 2. It was a big year for gay rights in Florida.

The legislature also passed a bill that formally removed the ban on gay adoption from law.PFLAG Atlanta is reproducing this information from the Presbyterian Church of Mt.

Kisco (PCMK) Blue Book as a resource we have found very useful. None of the content in the Blue Book is authored or claimed to be authored by PFLAG Atlanta. Gay and Lesbian Adoption and Parenting. Share on Facebook. There are special issues for lesbian and gay singles and couples who want to adopt or who are raising children.

This article addresses adoption for LGBT singles and couples, as well as parenting and the rights of second parents. In states that allow it, same-sex couples.

The Best Argument against Gay Marriage: Glen Lavy's - The Best Argument against Gay marriage: Glen Lavy’s “Gay marriage and the ‘slippery slope’ ” Proponents to the legalization of same sex marriage came up with a lot of reasons as why gay marriage should be legal.

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For many, LGBT adoption is still a new concept, and the image of a “perfect” family includes a mother and a father of opposite sexes. We know this is a just a stereotype. Today, more and more gay and lesbian couples are becoming parents, whether through artificial insemination, a surrogate or LGBT schwenkreis.comng .

Adoption laws vary from state to state, and there are some states that do allow lesbian and gay couples to adopt children as legal, joint parents. Gay and lesbian couples in these states can go through adoption agencies in order to adopt, personally arrange their adoption, or even adopt internationally.

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